It is no surprise that the majority of the worlds wealth was made through real estate holdings. With the world markets, oil & gas changes etc all affecting your investments your value can evaporate quickly so real estate is a much safer way to invest. The Okanagan area is already experiencing rapid growth and is forecasted to continue this trend for many years to come which makes this a fantastic opportunity to realize short term income and longer term appreciation.

There are many different ways to profit with Real Estate; buy and hold with positive cash flow, redevelop, buy to joint venture for redevelopment, fix and flip, change of use and so on. 

With my experience and personal passion for the money making properties, your path to realization of your goals can be so much smoother. Whether you’re in town or not I know where to go to get the answers you’ll need to make sure your decision is based on research and not hype. I have a good team of construction related contacts who can help you with the minor to the major projects. 
Because of the various ways to make money with real estate, the easiest way for you and I to make this happen is to subscribe to my confidential email list through which I will periodically highlight some money makers and maybe even share my vision as to how I’d see you make money with that property. Then if you see something you like, reach out to me and we will see how we could put this together. If the project may require alternative/private lending or a JV partner I will help you connect with like minded people and if you can find a fit, then you’re off to the races.
I can certainly work with each investor one on one as well and if your preference is commercial/industrial or multifamily, that is all within my scope – so if it can make money I can help you with it.